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Clinical Record Keeping

Complete a Clinical Record Keeping Course Online in your own time! Our Clinical Record Keeping dental course is available online, which provides you with the freedom to study when time allows. Counting as 1 hour of verifiable CPD, this is a great course to refresh your memory on what should and shouldn’t go into clinical dental records. Course Objective: Dental records are key in dentistry. Ensuring that all records are correct and relevant makes all the difference to your patient’s experience, whilst providing an overview of a patient to the clinician. The aim of our course is to provide our students with the industry best practice for clinical record keeping. This course will highlight: Why we need to take records. How long records should be kept. Exactly what should be included in a clinical record. How to gain a patient’s consent. Mental capacity. Patient confidentiality. How the records could be used for legal purposes. How to get started You can get started right away by making a one off payment and completing the booking process. For more information, please contact us on 01189 261533. We are more than happy to answer your questions!


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