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  • CBCT Training

    This online level 1 course provides the training required for dentists and dental nurses who refer and operate CBCT machines. Aims and Objectives: Understand the basic principles of CBCT imagining Explain how CBCT images are produced and understand their benefit in diagnosis and treatment Know the limitation of dental CBCT Be able to recognise CBCT artefacts Know the comparative doses involved Understand and minimise risks to patients and staff Know the clinical justification required by the CBCT referrer for the justification of an image Understand the selection criteria This course is in-line with HPA-CRCE-010 guidelines. CPD: 7 hours. Development Outcomes: This training meets the development outcomes criteria C and D. * Please note: This course is not suitable if you are looking to report on CBCT images. Dental nurses looking to complete this course must hold the national certificate in radiography. Before operating your machine you will need to receive in-house training from your manufacturer.

  • Module 1 Lesson

    To download this Module click on the file below Well done in taking the first step to further your career, we really hope you enjoy this course. So we can support you in the best way possible, you will now complete a National Diploma Mock Exam. This will help us during the course. Please allow yourself 120 Minutes for this exam before you begin. Don't forget to contact us if you have any questions or comments.

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