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  • Module 11 IOTN and PAR

    You can download this Module here: Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need Determines the likely impact of a malocclusion on an individuals dental health and psychological well being. IOTN consists of two components 1. Aesthetic Component 2. Dental Health Component Aesthetic Component • Grades 1-4 Slight need for treatment • Grades 5-7 Moderate/Borderline need • Grades 8-10 Definite need Recording the Aesthetic Component • Ask subject to close on their back teeth • Retract lips • Grade the dental attractiveness of the anterior teeth The grade awarded is for overall dental attractiveness rather than specific morphological similarity to the photographs • First impressions are usually correct • Main aim is to differentiate those at 8 - 10 Good Points • Valid • Reliable • Epidemiology • 80% Consultants use Bad Points • Class II div 1 complexity not assessed • Some versions of crowding – no score • Evidence for Dental Health Component • Subjective • Assessment of class III malocclusions? Dental Health Component • Developed in Sweden • Reflects occlusal traits which can affect the function and longevity of the dentition • The single worse feature of the malocclusion is noted Five Grades • Grade 1 No Need • Grade 2 Little Need • Grade 3 Moderate Need • Grade 4 Great Need • Grade 5 Very Great Need Recording the Dental Health Component Examine each subject for • Missing teeth • Overjet • Crossbite • Displacement of contact points • Overbite • Buccal Segment = MOCDOB Examine the subject using the ‘MOCDOB’ scale As soon as a definite treatment need threshold is reached, then the examination is stopped Index of Complexity Outcome and Need- ICON Aesthetic component of IOTN x 7 Upper arch crowding/spacing x 5 Crossbite x 5 Overbite/open bite x 4 Buccal segment relationship x 3 Peer Assessment Rating - PAR PAR Ruler • Uses study models to measure the success of the treatment, must be done by a calibrated person – not the orthodontist that carried out the work • The scores are cumulative and are recorded before and after treatment • The score is calculated and converted into percentages - we are looking for a reduction of over 70% • A change of 30% or less indicates that there has been no improvement • The size of the PAR score at the start of treatment gives an indication of the severity of the malocclusion • With cases of a low pre-treatment score it is difficult to achieve a significant reduction in the PAR score Special thanks to Professor Stephen Richmond for allowing us to use this video PAR Scoring Sheet Weightings for PAR Labial Segments x 1 Buccal Segments x 1 Overjet x 6 Overbite x 2 Centreline x 4 Special thanks to Professor Stephen Richmond for allowing us to use this video - PAR Nomogram Well done you have completed this module If you need any assistance please contact your tutor Please answer the questions, you will need to obtain 100% to move to the next module

  • NEBDN Certificate in Dental Radiography

    Here is our most popular post graduate qualification. View the Syllabus, ROC and Prospectus for this course here: Level 4. This NEBDN course can be started at anytime. The course is available for only £815.00 which includes the first examination fee and the online Record of Competence. This course is ideal for registered dental nurses looking to support their dentists in the taking of dental x-rays. You will be able to complete all of the modules online. This course covers 16 topics: - Maintaining Good Clinical Practice. - Radiation Physics. - Radiation Protection. - Apparatus and Equipment. - Films and Processing. - Digital Imaging. - Principles of Imaging. - Film Handling. - Digital Imaging – Practical Instruction. - Intra Oral Techniques. - Extra Oral Techniques. - Quality Assurance. - Care of Patients. - Principles and Practice of Interpretations. - Fundamentals of Radiological Anatomy - Identification of Common Dental Pathology. With exams taking place online in March and September each year you can choose how quickly you wish to complete this course. Payment can be made in full online or for interest free payment plans please contact us by email.

  • Module 5 Lesson

    You can download this Module here:

  • Module 6 Lesson

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  • Module 7 Lesson

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