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  • National Diploma Mock Exam

    The completion of this mock exam is not compulsory, although we do advise that you complete it as it will help us support you in the best way throughout the course. Failing this mock exam does not negatively impact your Course Result, it is just so we know which areas of improvement to focus on with you. If you do not wish to complete the mock exam, please click "Next Module" at the bottom of this page.

  • NEBDN- Dental Sedation Nursing

    Before you begin, please download the prospectus for this course by clicking on the file below: Once downloaded, click continue to begin your course.

  • Module 2 Lesson

    Click the file below to download this Module

  • Module 3 Lesson

    Click the file below to download this Module

  • Module 7 Lesson

    Click the file below to download this Module Clinical actions and advantages of intravenous sedation

  • Module 11 Lesson

    Click the file below to download this Module

  • NEBDN Award in Dental Intravenous Sedation

    Registered dental nurses assisting with dental sedation are required to be enrolled on an accredited sedation course. View the Syllabus, ROC and Prospectus for this course here: DTL are pleased to offer all three NEBDN Dental Sedation options: Certificate in Dental Sedation Nursing Award in Inhalation Sedation Dental Nursing Award in Intravenous Sedation Dental Nursing If you are currently assisting only with dental intravenous sedation, please enrol on our Award in Intravenous Sedation. If within 5 years of passing your exam you begin to assist with dental inhalation sedation, you can complete the Award in Dental Inhalation Sedation for £450.00 and achieve the full Certificate in Dental Sedation Nursing, without retaking your exam. Please note that the exam will cover both techniques regardless of practical experience. If you are currently assisting with both techniques, you can enrol on our Certificate in Dental Sedation for £1,075. This will cover both practical aspects of Inhalation Sedation and Intravenous Sedation. Saving you a total of £190.00. This NEBDN course is equivalent to a Level 5. All theoretical work is completed online giving you the flexibility of learning at your own pace. Course duration ranges between 6 - 18 months based on your personal situation and when you wish to take the examination. You will need the support of a registered dental professional to complete this course.

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