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100% PASS RATE for our National Diploma in Dental Nursing

We would like to congratulate our students on passing their exams and becoming qualified dental nurses. Your success is our success, and we look forward to welcoming you back during your enrolment on our post graduate courses.

Trainee Dental Nurses?

Have you taken on a trainee dental nurse, but not sure which training route to take? Our online National Diploma is fully accredited by the NEBDN and will provide the knowledge and confidence needed for them to progress in their new career.

This convenient way of learning will ensure your trainee nurse is experiencing as much surgery time as possible whilst providing the flexibility for their theoretical learning.

This means, your trainee will not miss out on surgery time and can complete their theory work when at home.

Your trainee will have a full-time tutor with one-to-one training, giving them the best opportunity of passing first time!

Enrol now, and they can sit their exam as soon as April 2024.

Largest NEBDN Post Graduate Provider

We are proud to be the largest provider for the NEBDN, and we are now taking enrolments for the March 2025 examinations.

Progress your career with DTL and you can expand your knowledge and increase your skills from the comfort of your own home.

Study at a pace suitable to you and complete all work online, with one-to-one training from your full-time tutor.

Payment plans available from as little as £33.89 per month.

* Initial payment of £205.00.

◉ 24/7 Tutor Support

◉ Interest Free Payment Plans

◉ 1-1 Support Available

◉ NEBDN Courses

◉ Enhanced CPD Courses

◉ All Courses Are Online

◉ Complete Courses Around Your Lifestyle

◉ 100% Pass Rate

◉ Enrol Today!

Great meeting with the General Dental Council yesterday afternoon.

Enhanced CPD 5 years on.

Why evualute the scheme?

Dental care professionals are still not understanding their #personaldevelopmentplan.

How can we help make this more clear?

Dental Training Ltd offer a FREE online course that details why a PDP is important, how to create a PDP and what needs to be included in a PDP.

Confusion on the ‘recommended’ topics set by the GDC are being reviewed.

What will make these guidelines more clear?

My answer - Separate the dental roles, and make certain ‘recommended’ topics manadatory.

Medical emergencies and safeguarding, for example, should not be a recommendation!

Dental education and career progression is important for both patient safety and your own future.

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