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It’s an unfortunate truth that becoming a dental nurse is no easy feat. Whether this is a

direct product of hefty course fees, or a lack of accessibility in your region, it can prove

to be a challenge that may seem impossible to overcome. However, Dental Training has

devoted itself to helping dental nurses achieve their qualifications, without having to

break the bank to do so. Below, we venture into how Dental Training has become the

pinnacle of dental nursing courses within the UK.

Heralded as the largest supplier of NEBDN post graduate courses for dental nurses, Dental Training has managed to garner a fantastic reputation through its dedication to helping thousands of dental nurses throughout the UK. And yet, despite its wealth of experience, totalling over a collective 90 years, it remains one of the most affordable training providers currently existing within the region. This, combined with its dedication towards securing first-time pass rates makes it, not only the most accessible and convenient training provider, but the most reliable collective when it comes to NEBDN courses. And, through its interest free payment plan options available to all students, it seeks to alleviate all unnecessary financial stresses so individuals can focus on their courses. In addition to its affordability, Dental Training also operates via online courses. As a result, not only can students partake in its courses from the comfort of their own home, but it allows them to set their own schedules and learn at their own pace. Furthermore, Dental Training ensures that its tutors are on hand to answer any questions, or assist in any way they can, regardless of the time of day. It adheres to a strict 24/7 availability schedule, all to present students with the peace of mind that no query will go unanswered. As such, it comes as no surprise to learn that Dental Training has a whopping 90 years of combined experience under its belt, and its tutors stand as a testament to the brilliance that such a wealth of expertise can foster. These tutors recognise what it takes to become a dental nurse, and are therefore committed to securing this success for their students. Dental Training strongly believes in the saying ‘Your Success is Our Success’, and is ready to go above and beyond to help any aspiring dental nurse achieve the qualifications needed to pursue their dream. Of course, in any learning environment, communication is key, and Dental Training exemplifies this flawlessly. In addition to ensuring that it can be contacted 24/7 by any student, it also encourages its tutors to maintain frequent communication, no matter how a student is progressing. Dental Training encompasses what it means to be a collective that truly cares about its students, and its this devotion to the dental nurses of tomorrow that has helped it to garner such a fantastic reputation. Dental Training truly is unparalleled within its field, and it’s clear to see why. Not only has it cultivated a team of highly experienced dental professionals, each ready to assist their students at the drop of a hat, but its online prowess sets it apart in astounding ways.

Whilst most training collectives have only recently made the switch to online teaching, Dental Training already has seven years of online experience under its belt. Having been offering online services since 2016, it’s been able to cover every basis, all in the pursuit of providing the best learning outlet for its students. We’re proud to present Dental Training with this recent award title. There’s a constant sense of brilliance on display at all times from this student-centric collective, allowing for a promising future for a multitude of individuals. We strongly believe that Dental Training embodies the best that the UK’s dental nurse training sphere has to offer, and we can’t wait to watch as it continues to create the industry’s next generation of dental nurses.

Dentists who have studied dentistry outside the EU are required to take the Overseas Registration Examination (ORE) in order to become registered with the General Dental Council and practise as a dentist in the UK.

Taking the ORE can often take time, and whilst preparing to sit these assessments, dentists will study for a dental nurse qualification, and work as a dental nurse in the UK until they are able to complete their ORE and start work as a UK dentist.

For a non-EU dentist, with the right to work or study in the UK, joining a dental nursing course can give excellent, first-hand insight into working in the UK dental sector.

DTL can help non-EU dentists to become dental nurses, assisting them to understand and experience UK dentistry, and establish themselves as registered dental care professionals before or during their ORE.

By undertaking a dental nursing qualification, overseas dentists can work in the UK as a GDC registered dental nurse, allowing them to understand UK legislation and guidance in every area of dentistry specific to the UK, including:

• Infection control

• Radiography and radiation protection

• Legal and ethical issues

• Registrant obligations

• Finances

• General working conditions

• Patient expectations, patient care and management

• Health and safety in the workplace

• Managing medical emergencies

• Managing and treating oral diseases and pathology

  • Oral surgery

  • Sedation techniques

• Oral health promotion and preventative dentistry.

It can also help to build a network of dental care professionals, which may aid in securing an employment placement as a dentist, once they have completed the oversees exam.

DTL offer the national diploma in dental nursing, which can be completed at any time convenient to the learner.

As well as the theoretical learning, the learner will also need to complete a practical portfolio, known as the record of experience.

To complete this portfolio, the learner will need to be working within a dental practice as a ‘trainee dental nurse’.

Following completion of the practical portfolio, the learner can sit the exam. Once passed, the learner will be registered with the general dental council.

The learner can enrol on the course, whilst looking for employment within a dental practice, this is also something we can assist with.

We also have our dental advisor Alfie, who has been a qualified dentist for 28 years, and is more than happy to support learners with any dental related queries or concerns they may have.

100% PASS RATE for our National Diploma in Dental Nursing

We would like to congratulate our students on passing their exams and becoming qualified dental nurses. Your success is our success, and we look forward to welcoming you back during your enrolment on our post graduate courses.

Trainee Dental Nurses?

Have you taken on a trainee dental nurse, but not sure which training route to take? Our online National Diploma is fully accredited by the NEBDN and will provide the knowledge and confidence needed for them to progress in their new career.

This convenient way of learning will ensure your trainee nurse is experiencing as much surgery time as possible whilst providing the flexibility for their theoretical learning.

This means, your trainee will not miss out on surgery time and can complete their theory work when at home.

Your trainee will have a full-time tutor with one-to-one training, giving them the best opportunity of passing first time!

Enrol now, and they can sit their exam as soon as April 2024.

Click here to Enrol Now!

Largest NEBDN Post Graduate Provider

We are proud to be the largest provider for the NEBDN, and we are now taking enrolments for the March 2025 examinations.

Progress your career with DTL and you can expand your knowledge and increase your skills from the comfort of your own home.

Study at a pace suitable to you and complete all work online, with one-to-one training from your full-time tutor.

Payment plans available from as little as £33.89 per month.

* Initial payment of £205.00.

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