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Certificate in Fluoride Application

Book Your Fluoride Application Course Online Our fluoride application course consists of three parts; the online assessment, log sheets and assignments you will need to complete the practical side of this course in your dental practice Course Aims To ensure that all Dental Nurses are competent in the application of topical fluoride. Course Objectives To understand the importance of Cross Infection Control and Health & Safety when applying topical fluoride. Know the reasons why fluoride application is important. Understand why medical history is so important and what to do if a medical emergency occurs. There are 8 topics in total that are covered in this course; these include health & safety and infection control, medical emergencies, patient care and management and more. This course counts as 9 hours enhanced CPD! Combine with our Impression Taking course for a discount! Once you have completed this course you can complete the Impression Taking course for a reduced price of £80!! Email and we can set this up for you. Please note this course is non refundable



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