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Manual Handling

Dental Manual Handling Training It is advised that all dental care professionals should learn the correct manual handling techniques. This is exactly what our dental manual handling training online will provide. This course will provide you with 1 hour of enhanced CPD. Course Objective The aim of our dental manual handling training course is to ensure all members of the team are able to move objects without causing damage to themselves or others. In our Manual Handling course, students will: - Understand the laws and regulations in respect of manual handling - Understand the responsibilities of the employer and employee - Identify the correct lifting technique for different loads and the importance of team lifting or using lifting aids - Get to know the problems of lifting incorrectly - Think about possible dangers, so therefore, reduce the chance of an accident happening - Learn about the basics of what to do in an emergency - Learn how to keep safe in the workplace This course costs £10 and we highly recommend that all members of the team take this training course.

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